Clemson University Gaming And Mediated Experience Lab
Led by Dr. Guo Freeman, Dean's Associate Professor of Human-Centered Computing in the School of Computing.
In this lab, we use a human-centered approach to investigate mediated experience and social dynamics forged surrounding technological objects and collaborative systems including multiplayer online games, eSports, live streaming, social VR, social media, IoT, and smart city.
We bring an interdisciplinary perspective to these topics and contribute to a better understanding of the specific ways in which interactive technologies affect and support interpersonal dynamics, in order to design and develop more inclusive, supportive, and fulfilling collaborative online systems.
We are especially interested in technology-mediated communication and participation in various contexts (e.g., entertainment, education, workplace, design, criminal justice, and medicine), computer-mediated interpersonal relationships and group behaviors, digital creativity, and collective innovation.
If you are a prospective student who is interested in joining our lab, please read our CUGAME Lab Handbook. This document should help you understand who we are and whether our lab is a good match for your personality, interests, and research approaches.