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Using Buffet

Buffet is a web application for self-service allocation of database (MySQL and PostgreSQL) and version control repositories (Git, Mercurial, and Subversion), generally referred to as resources. Any Clemson user can use and create resources with Buffet. External users can sign in with either their Google or Amazon credentials. Clemson users can grant external collaborators access to their resources. External users may not create resources.

The remainder of this page gives a brief introduction to the features of each resource type.

General resources

Buffet abstracts the resources it manages into a common model. This means all resource types have a few properties in common. For example, all resources can be named, have an owner, have users who administrate them, and have groups of users who administrate them.

Version control

Using Buffet, you can create Git, Mercurial, and Subversion repositories and access them over the Internet. You can access your repositories by registering an SSH public key to your Buffet account. You may also view source code, diffs, and blame/praise/annotate information via the web interface. In addition to administration, you may also assign users who may only read and write to the repository. These users, however, cannot manage access control.


You may also create MySQL and PostgreSQL databases on our two database servers ( and When you create a database, Buffet also creates a user with grant capabilities on that database, called the main user. You can also create one or more auxiliary users with Buffet, and assign permissions as necessary using the main user. Both types of users may have assignees which are Buffet users who can change the password of that database user.