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SSH connections are allowed to all SoC public Linux systems from Eduroam and the campus network. If you are off-campus and wish to SSH to a system, use one of the following methods.

SSH Access Node

The SoC access node, is available from anywhere in the world and provides access to the campus computer network. This node contains only basic utilities and is provided to facilitate access to School resources. Once connected, please log directly into one of the resources listed in the message of the day (MOTD). All SoC public workstations are on the subdomain

Be sure to include your Clemson username if the username of the account you are connecting from is not the same.

Clemson University VPN

Use the Clemson VPN to virtually connect to the campus network. Visit to more information. Once connected you may SSH directly to any of the resources available in the MOTD, bypassing the access node

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