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IT Support

Using Webhandin

Webhandin is a custom web application used at the School of Computing for handing in assignments to instructors and graders. There are multiple ways to submit files, but the most common way is just to upload files using a web browser. See Webhandin's Student Help for documentation on how to submit files.

Submitting files from the command line

In the past, we have offered utilities known as handin and sendlab for handing in assignments and lab submissions. These tools have been deprecated in favor of Webhandin.

A replacement script, also called handin, is installed on School of Computing UNIX systems. You can read about using it at Webhandin's Command Line Client documentation, including how to install it on your own UNIX-like system.

Information for Instructors

There is detailed help for instructors on Webhandin, including how to retrieve student work.