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The School of Computing manages , a system providing remote access to the SoC Linux desktop environment. There are two options for connecting, using a web browser or the standalone client. The web browser is a quick and convenient method, while the standalone client provides better performance. This system is acessible on and off campus to Clemson users that are affiliated with the School of Computing and requires DUO two-factor authentication. To work properly with the virtual desktop system, Duo must be set up to automatically send push notifications to the default device. To verify this setting, log into the Duo 2fa site linked above and select Manage Devices in the navigation bar at the top of the page. If "Automatically send this device a Duo Push," as seen in the image below, is not the selected option, select it from the dropdown menu and click the Save button.

Duo My Settings and Devices image

Please note that usernames are case sensitive. Enter usename as all lowercase.

Virtual Desktop: Browser

Open a web browser and navigate to, then follow the instructions in the video below.

Virtual Desktop: Standalone Client

Download and install the client for Windows or Mac and follow the instructions iin the video to connect the client to