Self Assessments

Here, the Minority Student Success Initiative will provide links to self-directed assessments available from different resources across campus. Learn more about yourself - what you like, what you do not like and how you tend to react to certain situations. Knowing these things can help you determine which occupations and work situations could be a better fit for you.

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Academic Success Center

Academic Self-Assessment
This Self-Assessment is a form that will better assist an academic coach to personalize the one-to-one meetings that will provide:
- Discovery – how you learn
- Structure – organizational skills
- Support – goal setting and encouragement
- Feedback – progress and growth

The Career Center

Career Liftoff Interest Inventory (CLII)
The CLII is a career assessment tool based on John Holland's Six Career typology codes. It evaluates a students career interests and provides a detailed Profile and Narrative Report.

This tool will assess your personality based on your preferences available via the Career Center website. Your 4-letter personality preference can give you insight into: What career choices fit with my personality? How can I improve my chances for getting a job? How can I get along with people better? What are my learning style strengths?

Strong Interest Inventory
The Strong Interest Inventory is a tool that can help high school students through adulthood to evaluate their work interests. This assessment can show how your interests compare to those of professionals in hundreds of occupations.

Myers-Briggs Type (MBT)
The Myers-Briggs Type measures personality preference on four scales; Extraversion - Introversion (E - I), Sensing - Intuition (S - N), Thinking - Feeling (T - F), and Judgment - Perception (J - P). This test lets you examine your style of communicating, making decisions, and planning – and relate your style to work environments.