Visual Computing Seminar Schedule
Fall Semester, 2010

We meet each Friday at 2:30 pm
, in McAdams 119,
unless indicated in red below.

Aug. 20 — Open Date

Aug. 27Sebastian Goasguen, LXCLOUD at CERN

Sept. 3 — Robert Geist, Lattice Boltzman Water Waves: The Model

Sept. 10 — Christopher Corsi, Lattice Boltzman Water Waves: Implementation

Sept. 17 — Jerry Tessendorf, Introduction to Geometric Integration

Sept. 24 — Zachary Jones, Video at 200 MPH

Oct. 1 — Miriah Meyer, Harvard University, Developing Visualizations for Biological Data

Oct. 11 (Monday, 4:00, McAdams 116) — Gary Greenfield, University of Richmond,
              Diffusion Limited Aggregation, Evolutionary Computation, and Algorithmic Art - Five Easy Pieces

Oct. 11 (Thursday, 1:00, McAdams 116) — J. Edward Swann II, Missippi State University, Depth Perception in Augmented Reality: Near-Field Measurement Protocols

Oct. 22Andrew Duchowski, Algorithm for Discriminating Aggregate Gaze Points: Comparison with Salient Regions-Of-Interest

Oct. 28 (Thursday, 4:30, McAdams 119) — Josh Tomlinson, A Certain Point of View: The 2.5D Matte Painting Pipeline at R+H

Nov. 5 — Open Date

Nov. 12 — Zachary Jones, Ph.D. Defense, A Framework for Virtual Device Driver Development and Virtual Device-Based Performance Modeling

Nov. 19 — Open Date

Nov. 26 — Thanksgiving

Dec. 3 — Irena Rindos and Cory Buckley, Wycinanki: Computer Animation Production Process