Visual/Human Centered Computing Seminar Schedule
Fall Semester, 2012

Links to Previous Seminars: S2012, F2011, S2011, F2010, S2010

We meet each Friday at 2:30 pm
, in McAdams 119,
unless indicated in red below.

Aug. 24 Open Date welcome

Aug. 31 Christopher Corsi Chris
What I Did on My Summer Vacation in New Zealand
Sep.  7 Andrew Duchowski
Andrew Duchowski
Medical training and machine interaction: haptics, stereo, and gaze-based applications
Sep. 14 Joshua Levine Josh Levine
A Quantized Boundary Representation of 2D Flow, EuroVis 2012 paper
Sep. 21 Geoffrey Fox
Indiana University
Geoffrey Fox
Data Analytics: Curricula and Clouds
Sep. 28 Open Date Hooray

Oct.  5 David Donar
David Donar
Plein Air Painting and Drawing with a Tablet or Smart Phone
Oct. 12 Julien Tierny
CNRS Paris Tech
Julien Tierny
Structural Analysis of Spatial Data: A Control-Freak's Perspective
Oct. 19 Bliss Altenhoff
Bliss Altenhoff
Effects of Calibration to Visual and Haptic Feedback on Near Field Depth Perception in Immersive Virtual Environments, SAP 2012 paper
Oct. 26 Shelby Darnell, Yates Monteith,  Amber Solomon, & Chad Waters
tech talk folks
Graduate Student Association Tech Talk
Nov.  2 Sophie Jörg Sophie Joerg Data-Driven Finger Motion Synthesis for Gesturing Characters, SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 paper
Nov.  9 Juan Gilbert
Juan Gilbert
Universal Design in Electronic Voting: Making Voting More Accessible and Secure
Nov. 16 James McLurkin
Rice University
James McClurkin
Distributed Algorithms for Robot Recovery, Angular Coordinate Systems, and Low-Cost Robots: An Overview of the Rice Multi-Robot Systems Lab
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Holiday turkey

Nov. 30 William Ribarsky
UNC Charlotte

Bill Ribarsky
Texts and Big Data Analytics
Dec.  7 Yujie Shu & Jonathan Cox Yujie Shu & Jon Cox What We Did on Our Summer Vacations in San Francisco and Irvine