Visual/Human Centered Computing Seminar Schedule
Fall Semester, 2013

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We meet each Friday at 2:30 pm
, in McAdams 119,
unless indicated in red below.

Aug. 23

Aug. 30
Lauren Cairco Dukes and
Toni Bloodworth Pence,
Clemson University
Empirical Evaluation of Traditional vs. Hybrid Interaction Metaphors in a Multitask Healthcare Simulation

The Effects of Interaction and Visual Fidelity on Learning Outcomes for a Virtual Pediatric Patient System
Sept. 6

John Kundert-Gibbs,
University of Georgia

The Ancient Art of Storytelling in Contemporary Games and Cinema

Sept. 13

Alberto Segre,
University of Iowa
Alberto Serge
Computational Epidemiology Research
Sept. 20
Sam Casacio,
Clemson University

My Summer at Disney Animation
Sept. 27
Kevin Kacey Coley,
Clemson University
My Summer at Electronic Arts
Oct. 4
Prof. Eileen Kraemer,
University of Georgia

Eileen Kraemer

Empirical Studies of Pair Programming: Implications for CS Education and Practice
Oct. 11

Chris Corsi,
Clemson University

Chris Corsi
My Summer at NetApp
Oct. 17
5:00 p.m.

Mike Kirby,
University of Utah

Lessons from the Search for "Verifiable Visualizations"
Oct. 18

Katsu Yamane,
Disney Research, Pittsburgh

Katsu Yumane
Making Robotic Characters Look Alive and Expressive
Oct. 25
Lauren Cairco Dukes,
Clemson University
Lauren Dukes
Summer Internship at Southern California's Institute of Creative Technologies
Oct. 28
12:20 p.m.

Wenping Wang,
Hong Kong University
wenping wang
New Applications of Particle Systems to Shape Modeling
Nov. 8
Amy Apon,
Clemson University

Amy Apon
Big Data Systems and Collaborative Research at Clemson
Nov. 15 Corey Toler-Franklin,
UC Davis
Photometric Capture Techniques for Analyzing Complex Structures
Nov. 22
Andrew Williams,
Marquette University

Andrew Williams
From 3-D Printer to the Living Room: The Rise of Next Generation Personal Humanoid Robots
Nov. 29

Dec. 6