Team Research and Analytics in Computational Environments

Researching Human-AI Teaming, Human-Centered AI, and Collaborative Technologies

Human-AI Teaming

Human-AI teamwork is the newest evolution of teamwork that will continue to advance as AI technology advances. Human-AI teams will exist in a variety of contexts with AI teammates ranging from physcial robotics systems to virtual collaborators.

Human-Centered AI

The research and development of Human-Centered AI requires an in-depth and intentional understanding of the humans and their dynamic behaviors. A human-centered approach to AI is necessary to ensure AI's integration into society is ethical and beneficial to humans.

Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative technologies help teams work better by enabling Digital Collaboration and connecting a broader network of participants who can accomplish much more than they would on their own.

Our Goals

TRACE Research Group focuses on human-centered computing to enhance societies' capabilties for human-AI teamwork. The TRACE Research Group was founded in 2017 at the Clemson University School of Computing by Dr. Nathan McNeese.


Lead Research

We are comprised of a multi-disciplinary team, answering questions related to human-AI teaming and multi-agent environments.

Encourage Learning

TRACE Research Group has been granted several high powered machines to train and test ML models. Our students will now be able to run complex models in house to advance research and understanding.


Foster Community

Since 2018 we have offered Winter and Summer bootcamps to teach some of the tech industry's top coding frameworks, including React, Django, and GraphQL.



Get in Touch

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