TRACE Research Group

Team Research Analytics in Computational Environments

The TRACE research group was founded in 2017 at the Clemson University School of Computing by Dr. Nathan McNeese. The group conducts research on Human-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Teaming, Human-Centered AI, and Collaborative Technologies.

Featured News

Winter TRACECamp

The short session for winter TRACECamp kicked off with a bang as students sprinted a week of GraphQL projects. Lookout for our month-long summer session for 2020

Human-Autonomy Teaming CI

TRACE has been greenlit for a new creative inquiry to further our understanding how humans work and interact with artificially intelligent agents in a team environment. The Team Research in Computational Environments lab will conduct reports on multiple experiments supporting this field , allowing Clemson students the opportunity to learn how to conduct such research and conduct their own study on.

Hosted Dr. Eric Vorm for Human Machine Teaming

Dr. Eric S. Vorm, whose career spans 15 years in the Navy, holds a doctorate in Human-Computer Interaction from Indiana University. He is an Aerospace Experimental Psychologist at the US Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, DC and a member of the Human Factors Specialist Team for unmanned vehicles at NATO, and serves as the Chief of Human-Systems Integration at the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. Eric researches human-autonomy interaction and seeks to develop theories and methods to ensure appropriate and reliable human-machine teaming.

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TRACE Research group focuses on human-centered computing to enhance societies capabilties for human and agent teaming.


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TRACE lab publishes papers year round on relevant topics involving human-computer interactions, agent-agent teaming.


We give back to Clemson's students and the local community by offering free coding bootcamps in the summer and winter.


We are a team of faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students aiming to cultivate a cross-disciplinary, diverse learning environment.

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