VC lunch seminars


Fall 2019

Wednesday 12:30-1:30, Room 304 McAdams

09/11 Ryan Canales Virtual Grasping Feedback and Virtual Hand Ownership
09/18 Liang Gao Foam and Splash
10/02 Makayla Moster Conforming Realistic, Procedural Tree Models to User-Drawn Shapes
10/09 Xiang Zhang Label-Free Cell Tracking
10/16 Alex Adkins Grasping Controls and Visualizations in a VR Gaming Context
10/23 Guoxi Liu TBD
10/30 Daljit Singh Dhillon TBD
11/06 Jessica Barron "Fluff" Feathers & Hair
11/13 Jiewen Shen TBD
11/20 Hollis Liu Photogrammetry, Voxel