DPA in Charleston

Zucker Family Graduate Education Center (ZFGEC)
1250 Supply Street, N. Charleston, SC 29405

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DPA is excited to announce the expansion of its MFA and MS programs, located in the Zucker Family Graduate Education Center (ZFGEC) in Charleston, South Carolina. The ZFGEC houses high-tech classrooms equipped with the latest technology, collaboration spaces and conference rooms, laboratory and studio spaces, and more. A variety of courses will be offered each semester by Clemson faculty in a traditional face-to-face classroom format and via "real time" streaming to and from Clemson’s main campus. DPA MFA students can choose to study in Clemson or Charleston, and will not be required to travel between the two locations. For more detailed information on the Charleston Area Graduate Programs, please click here.


Email us at dpa@clemson.edu regarding tours, portfolio/admission questions, etc.

Victor Zordan, Director of DPA, Professor | 212 ZFGEC | vbz@clemson.edu
Ioannis Karamouzas, Assistant Professor | 208 ZFGEC | ioannis@clemson.edu
James Sidletsky, Lecturer | ZFGEC | jsidlet@clemson.edu
Dan Hale, Lecturer | ZFGEC | dhale@clemson.edu
Margaret Wages, Lecturer | ZFGEC | mwages@clemson.edu
Rob Seay, Student Services Coordinator | ZFGEC | 843.730.5113 | raseay@clemson.edu



For information on all Charleston Area Graduate Degree Programs, please click here.


[ZFGEC live webcam]



For all general inquiries, please email us at dpa@clemson.edu or call 864.656.5577